Words of Gratitude

It’s so refreshing to get a chance to celebrate. After a long year of tutor meetings, progress reports, and dragging students (and occasionally volunteers) kicking and screaming into tutoring sessions, it’s a beautiful thing when we finally reach a point where we can stop, dust ourselves off, and look back at how far we’ve come.

The Padres Creando Sueños hosted our end-of-year celebration at the end of June at Bohnett Park. We had a wonderful time together to reflect on the students reclassified as ‘Fluent English Speakers’, the improved reading scores at Harding School, and most importantly, the relationships built and developed between families and volunteers. And of course, we ate some delicious taquitos and mole.

After a full year of recruiting, motivating, and supporting both our volunteers and students, I so appreciated the chance to be grateful. I’m grateful for these selfless volunteers and their love for the Westside families. I’m grateful for the Padres Creando Sueños team, who’ve worked diligently across linguistic and cultural barriers to make this program happen. I’m grateful to our faith community partners who have allowed these Westside connections to grow over the last couple of years.

But most of all, I’m grateful for this new Westside family we’re growing together. As I look back on the year I see some really lovely neighboring growing on the Westside, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Thanks for your continued support. I know our whole team is looking forward to some rest, and another great year ahead.