Since 2005, we have led collaborative efforts to abolish homelessness. Today, we are at the forefront of issues facing the marginalized populations of Santa Barbara, from homelessness to trafficking to under-resourced neighborhoods.


Our Mission

The Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation (SB ACT) exists to equip the community to lovingly engage the marginalized while actively working for the betterment of their physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental needs.

Collective Impact Collaboratives

SB ACT creates collaboratives around social issues in SB County following the Stanford Collective Impact model of partnership.* In each of its collaboratives, SB ACT acts as the "backbone organization" that keeps the collaborative moving toward its common agenda. In this way, SB ACT is not a service provider but rather a neutral convener that provides coordination and infrastructure for each of its collaboratives.

Collective Impact Collaborative

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Requisites for Collective Impact

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What We've Achieved


  • Helped establish Common Ground Santa Barbara County in 2012 by piloting the first all volunteer outreach team for those experiencing homelessness at Pershing Park. Common Ground has since expanded to a countywide operation

  • Partnered to bring the 100,000 Homes Campaign to Santa Barbara County in 2010 to train the county and create the Vulnerability Index. This partnership has been essential in coordinating countywide partners to house hundreds of individuals since its inception

  • Collaborated with the Turner Foundation and other countywide partners to run the first Registry Week in Santa Barbara County, where over 500 volunteers administered the Vulnerability Index to those experiencing homelessness over a two-day period in January 2011


  • Established the Padres Creando Sueños in 2015, a team of Westside parents working together to support all Westside neighborhood children through neighborhood asset development.

Human Trafficking

  • Partnered with the District Attorney's office of SB County to author the 2015 Needs Assessment of Domestic Child Sex Trafficking in Santa Barbara County, the first of its kind in Santa Barbara County

  • Filmed 'Our Kids: Sexual Exploitation in Santa Barbara County', a documentary about local trafficking issues, in 2015

Educational Partnerships

  • Partnered with students at Westmont College in 2009 to create the first Spring Break in Santa Barbara City, which is now a sustainable program under Urban Initiative, to engage with social issues throughout Santa Barbara

Caring for Immigrants & Refugees

  • Founded the Interfaith Sanctuary Alliance (ISA) in 2017. The ISA is a partnership between faith communities working to support immigrant and refugee populations in Santa Barbara, alongside leadership from Trinity Episcopal Church, the Unitarian Society of SB, and CLUE-SB


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All photography provided by James Daly and Jacob Grant