Growth and Rebirth

We’ve seen quite a few shifts in SBACT this summer, both for good and bad. Two of our staff have left to pursue other opportunities, which has made for a summer of sad goodbyes. But we’ve also pushed forward some exciting new projects with Westside community health, immigration resources, and trafficking prevention education. I’ve also taken on more of an administrative role with SBACT, which has allowed me to gain more of an insight into all these developing and current programs as I help keep things going and write grants to advance the new projects.

On the Westside, we’ve seen some transitions as some of our most beloved volunteers from years past have moved on while other new volunteers have eagerly stepped up to take their place. The good news is: we’ve GROWN. We’ve gained several additional tutors this year and nearly doubled the number of volunteers at Harding School. All of this also means we have more families involved in Padres Creando Sueños. We’ve got several new Westside faces helping to steer this year’s programs, and so we’d ask for your support as we move forward and begin our partnership together.

As always, I’m so thankful for your partnership in all of this. In spite of difficulties inherent in the changes this summer, I’m genuinely excited for what’s next for me, for our team, and for the city of Santa Barbara.