Laguna Blanca Students Go “All In!”

The Alameda Park Collaborative Meal Sharing continues to grow and move toward justice, solutions, and empowerment for those living on the streets. I am happy to report that we have many age groups engaged in this work – from families who come with their children to seniors who are giving back to the community.

Over the past few years Laguna Blanca School students have become engaged in the Alameda Park Meal Sharing through their relationship with Common Ground and AmeriCorps, and now they desire to join the Bread of Life/SBACT Collaborative and bring even more friendship to the park.  I am very thankful for their energy, love, and ingenuity!

This month Kati Paye and I met with a core group of students, parents, and faculty members who hosted a Town Hall for us to discuss how we can work closely together this summer and through the 2017/2018 year.  At this meeting, several elementary students revealed that they actually raised over $200 through popsicle sales to help with a local reunification!

I am passionate about reaching the younger generation and equipping them to both relationally engage those experiencing homelessness and to learn solutions as they move toward system change.  We talked about the journey from “relief to justice,” and the room was in agreement that everyone there wanted to learn justice.  Amen!

I even proposed the idea that a student could help me co-lead the leadership council around the collaborative that we will be creating.  I believe that working alongside a passionate high school student will also energize all our park partners toward an even larger step of faith.

I am very thankful for the Laguna Blanca School faculty leadership that Ashley Tidey has organized on campus – and for the families that are just as excited a their children.  I believe 2017-2018 will be a fantastic year for our friends at the park! Thank you for your support and please keep these young people in mind.