It has been a busy month for the Exploitation Prevention team. Between finishing up the Art Market fundraiser in April and raising sufficient funds to cover the first year of our transitional housing unit project, there is much cause to celebrate. But in the midst of celebrating these milestones we are quickly turning back to the drawing board to think about next steps. We are at a juncture and have entered a new phase of reflection & deliberation.


Our thinking about what paths to pursue next is necessarily informed by the past 6 months of work. We must look at what we have done and assess our strengths, areas for growth, successes, and failures. At our team meeting this week we decided to take the upcoming week to reflect on our own contributions to the initiative and work thus far. We will then discuss together and move forward in the process of deliberation.


In addition to our own reflections we have scheduled several sessions to brainstorm collectively. We are pulling in all the key players and picking their brains. We are blowing the box open with possibilities and seeing what we could do with the disparate pieces. And we are making definitive moves towards next steps.

We are thankful for this juncture—for the chance to reflect & deliberate after we have concluded our celebrations—and for the freedom to shift and change gears that not all organizations are afforded.