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Community Collaborative Update: New Location, New Website, New Projects!

As we go full steam ahead into July, there is much to report about the happenings of the Community Collaborative. As a dynamic organization that aims to be nimble and structured, the Community Collaborative encounters many changes between monthly meetings. This past month was particularly busy with a whole lot of “new.” Let’s recap below.

New Location: We are happy to report that we have landed on a location for our monthly meetings. One of our Collaborative members offered up her office’s conference room to use and we are glad to have a regular and well-resourced location for meetings. This Collaborative member leveraged her influence to create space for important conversations regarding pressing community problems.  This is the best of collaboration.

New Website: After several months in the making, we have published the first version of the Community Collaborative Website. This will be a central location for dates, information, and donations. We are working on ramping up several social media platforms, and this is an important start. Check it out at www.communitycollaborativesb.org

New Projects: Though there is still work to be done regarding the Transitional Placement Unit, we are moving ahead with several additional projects to continue to support our girls. First, we are looking to provide additional support to the families of survivors so that survivors can remain at home if at all possible and if this is best for their wellbeing.

More updates to come! Thanks for following along as we strive for to build more effective support systems for survivors in our community.