Street Youth Outreach

Building the Outreach Team

Our weekly outreach outings have continued as we aim to be consistent and dependable peoples of engagement. As the light lingers later and the days grow warmer, we’ve noticed more travelers come through Santa Barbara. There are a couple of youths who planned on traversing through with their camaraderie of instruments, but have since found our city to be a comfortable place to be. I see this happen all the time, and my hope would be that any communicated “front” that desires this state of homelessness, would be challenged by a reality of agencies and resources showing up and working with to shift memories of failure, disappointment, or neglect. 

To not only assist in day-to-day survival needs, but also long term vision goals, the outreach team is in need of a stronger network of volunteers. This is my reach to you, the individual and the Church, to step into any pull you may have to partake in work of outreach and support. This will extend our efforts and safe points of contact greatly. Please reach out to me via if you or your church would like to hear more and partner with us in this groundwork.