Low Income Empowerment - February 2017

We’re hitting the ground running this month. From conversations about new church partnerships to new volunteer opportunities to new neighborhood parent-trainings, there is no shortage of areas to explore growth for the Westside Church Collaborative.

However, with all of this opportunity comes the responsibility to discern well. If we want to start a new program, we need to ensure that we can provide the needed resources. If we want to bring in new partners, we need to make sure we have concrete ways to involve them in action on the Westside. It’s a delicate balance trying to grow an organization of living, changing human beings.

Our biggest goal for this year is that we can fully establish ourselves not just as an organization that serves Westside kids and families, but as a leadership development movement on the Westside. As Westside residents leave our leadership team, we want to know that their leadership experience was not a one-time experience, but that the adults with whom we partner will be catapulted into leadership in the broader community.

This is how we uncover the vitality in our neighborhood… by uncovering one leader at a time. We covet your prayers in 2017.