Low Income Empowerment

Shifting Relationships

Relationships change. One of the best parts about Uffizi's initiatives is their flexibility- we start initiatives in one form, but we adapt according to the needs of the population with whom we're working.

When we started the Westside Church Collaborative back in 2013, we knew that our long-term goal was for any projects we ran to be initiated and developed by residents of the Westside community. Fast-forward 4 years later and we have a tutoring program and reading program (with a parent workshop on the way), dreamed up and managed by Westside residents themselves.

So now the time has come for some change. The Westside residents comprising the Padres Creando Sueños team are in a starring role, and we're ready for the churches to take a backseat. To this end, as of this month the Westside Church Collaborative no longer owns Uffizi's initiative on the Westside. The Padres Creando Sueños do.

Now, the churches will continue to support the Padres in their endeavors as they seek volunteers and resources for the families of their neighborhood. This is the beautiful thing about true Christian community - relationships may change, but they never disappear.

We ask your prayers over the next season- as the Westside Church Collaborative transitions to a new focus, and as the Padres Creando Sueños and I (under Uffizi) recruit new members and expand their work in the community to new projects and partnerships. We're on the Westside for the long-haul. And I'm excited to see what God has in store for us.