Exploitation Prevention: In With the New!

Out with the old in with the new! March came much quicker than anticipated and we are charging ahead with all of the projects for the Community Collaborative. With several fundraisers, trainings, and meetings coming up soon, we gladly have our hands full. This month I will give a quick progress report on the work of the collaborative; 

Transitional Housing Unit: We have 2 committed supporters, and 5 more in the process of making a commitment to providing $1000.00/year for the next two years to fund a transitional housing unit for survivors. If you know of any possible contacts, please reach out to Jeff or I so we can reach our goal of 12 supporters for a total of $12,000/year! 

Fundraisers, Fundraisers, and More Fundraisers: After a slight change in strategy, we are excited for several upcoming fundraising projects to help fill the Flexible Local Dollars Fund. April’s Fundraiser is listed below: 
April 28th- Local Art Market Fundraiser at Christ Presbyterian. Details to come! If you have a piece you would like to donate, be in touch with our intern jagrant@westmont.edu 

Foster Care Preventative Solutions: This month we are meeting with two church communities to discuss how they can be involved in exploitation prevention and through CSEC-Specific Foster Care. Recruiting CSEC-Trained foster families is our plan for providing housing placement solutions for the under-18 crowd, and we are excited to work with churches to do it!

That's where we are at! If any of these efforts catch your eye please send Jeff or I an email (jeff@uffiziorder.org; hannah@uffiziorder.org). We would love more ideas and people to collaborate with!