Street Youth Outreach: A Mild Ramble

In this stretch of case management, I again come to the lesson of I can’t “fix,” “heal,” or “save” anyone. 

However, I so often take the heavy yoke, or burden, or people’s chaotic lives. A hard lesson sure, especially when in a field of work that helps others.

This week we were able to send KS, a young male that I’ve been working closely with for a few months, on a train back home to Arizona to be near trusted friends and enter into a residential treatment program for mental health. After three suicide attempts this month, debilitating relationships, and no housing opportunities in Santa Barbara, this seemed like the next best choice. With seemingly safe and helpful resources, we thought he’d be set up for healthy change. Unfortunately, assessments failed to keep him in the program, and an anxious spirit caused him to hop on a train back down to Santa Barbara. 

Instead of allowing this to be devastating, it is important to remember that KS might find the courage to take the train, come back, and begin again five more times until clarity and truth about who he is sticks to his own paradigm of worth. We want to break negative cycles for others, but it might take their own choice of repeated attempts so that personal experience functions as the teacher. Until then, we do as we can not as we can’t. 

Thank you for listening to a mild ramble. 

I am always grateful for you,