Low Income Empowerment Update- October 2016

You know that moment in soccer when you pass the ball? To a relative non-athlete like me, this is one of the most relieving times in the game... You realize that you’re swarmed from all sides, and there’s someone else on your team who has a better angle, a clear field, and fresh energy. At this point with the Padres Creando Sueños, we’ve got our tutoring program running at a good pace. It’s time for a handoff.

I met with a few parents from the Padres Creando Sueños team this week to tell them the plan. I approached the meeting with some trepidation, not knowing whether they would feel abandoned or overloaded when I gave them more responsibility. I told them that they would be taking over tutor relations, running the tutor meetings without me and keeping phone communications with the tutors. I tried my best to ease the challenge by offering some gradation of change. I would attend the next 2 meetings with them and help them debrief, and would help with phone calls for the next month… and then it would be up to them. Finally I asked, “what do you think?” and I looked up from my carefully-phrased notes on my meeting agenda.

They were grinning.

These are the Westside parents who are going to be pushing for their children’s betterment without me in the long-term. They have a better angle than I do - they know their kids, they know what they need, they know what the neighborhood needs. They have a clear field - churches and Uffizi supporting them and helping to clear obstacles as they grow as leaders.

And boy, do they have fresh energy.