Abolishing Homelessness Update- October 2016

Thanks everyone for continuing to walk with the Uffizi Order as we join the work God is doing in Santa Barbara to bring the Kingdom of God to those who currently live on the margins of society.

First, the picture was taken at Alameda Park and is captures the Westmont College Women’s Soccer team’s visit to Alameda Park.  This was a first for the team, and for many of the team members the first time they had the opportunity for a sustained conversation with Friends without Homes.  They plan on regular visits to the park as opportunities arise.

Bread of Life has started again, so approximately 15 to 20 students from Westmont College will be engaging friends without homes and offering prayer and eternal hope for those who are experiencing homelessness.  Our other partners at the park will also be offering showers, free medical care, and referrals to partners who can help these men, women, and families living on the streets.

We really need your prayers this fall for two programs which are in their initial phases.

We are beginning a new ministry outreach to street youth.  The plan now is to organize a small street outreach team to spend time with at risk youth who currently attend the Farmer’s Market Tuesday evenings on State Street.  Pray for us as we are recruiting our volunteer team now.  After the team is created we will go through essential trainings with partners and hope to engage youth in October.

Please pray for Kati as she reaches out to recruit volunteers for this new initiative and as she begins the process of outreach this fall.

We are also starting to work to bring together partners who will help secure stable housing for sex trafficking survivors in our county.  We hope to be contracting soon with RISE (Resiliency Interventions for Sexual Exploitation) who will be providing leadership and support services for survivors.  We will need God to perform miracles to find the appropriate housing for these young women or men who are currently being exploited.