Kati's May 2016 Update

After one full year with Uffizi Order, I can confidently attest to experience being one of the best teachers. As we move into the summertime, my role is going through some revision. I am adding case management at the Alameda Park Meal Sharing Collaborative while continuing to check in on those who have already been housed via the Mayor's Challenge. The goal is to identify five more individuals to walk alongside towards housing or alternative supportive services. Partaking in the Alameda Meal Sharing opens up many more direct partners as well as a consistent team for those experiencing homelessness. This role will also involve bringing in local volunteers to the collaborative. Having a range of partners expands our reach to the diversity found in this sub-culture. I look forward to meeting more women and families who need support, and learning more about the services available to them in our city that may differ from the veterans I have worked with so far. 

In other news, a helpful tool has recently been released to the community of people working to end homelessness in Santa Barbara that allows us to document and communicate information about each individual on the streets to the rest of the team. This database is an exciting new resource in the effort of being more effective and up to date with each new happening.

Amidst an ever-changing job, I continue to grow in gratitude for your support and encouragement. May we always seek justice together!