Jeff's May 2016 Update

The picture below is of me and one of my favorite new friends - Haley Parzonko!  Haley interned with Uffizi this year as a part of Westmont's Downtown Program.  The program helps Westmont students engage in social transformation work in Santa Barbara City and also gives them academic credit for doing so.  You can imagine that I love this program and the opportunity it gives organizations like Uffizi to mentor students in local justice work.

Haley did a tremendous job.  She was one of the team leaders for Bread Of Life-- under Urban Initiative, they are the official host of our Thursday meal sharing with Friends without Homes.  She helped me organize and communicate with the 13 different partners that are currently engaged at our meal sharing.  She successfully advocated within Westmont College for those experiencing homelessness and was able to share about Bread of Life with faculty and staff.

We have big plans for the fall when she returns to Bread of Life, as well as her continuation of working alongside Uffizi to engage Westmont in the solutions to homelessness that we seek to bring to Alameda Park.  I believe that she now has some more tools in her tool belt to help the marginalized wherever God takes her in the future.  I appreciate all the love, effort, and creativity that she brought to Uffizi during her internship. 

I look forward to being able to help mentor more students in the future!  Thank you for your support that makes this all possible.