Kati's April 2016 Update

In support of D.R. post-housing, we have recently partnered with OneJustice’s Justice Bus Project to provide him with legal assistance in addressing his criminal record, which is largely filled with homeless based offenses. After acquiring his Department of Justice records, he was able to receive legal aid and proper forms to file at court. By reducing offenses to misdemeanors instead of felonies, D.R. will have lower rent fees and access to better housing. Finding a home was the first step, and now we get to focus on filling other gaps of injustice.

In search of introducing new individuals to work with to attain sustainable housing, it has been humbling to see the Santa Barbara community engage and alert me when they have met people who could enter into partnership with Uffizi. It takes all of our attuned hearts and minds to equip one another. So thank you to those who have reached out! Please feel encouraged to contact me regarding those who need housing assistance. 

Correlating with the above, I have begun working more with the meal sharing collaborative at Alameda Park to partake in additional outreach and partnerships. These evenings are filled with narratives over broken bread in a sacred space that has been formed amidst the street lamps and playful soccer cleat markings in the ever so perseverant grass. Here, trusting relationships are continuously being formed and the students who come to serve are given the tools to empower and seek change too!

Thank you for your continued support in my first year with Uffizi!