Landon's April 2016 Update

Like flowers, if our community work isn't growing, then it's dead. And growth means change. And change is often hard.

We started our community member team over a year ago with some faithful parents who were connected largely through their friendships and their participation in the same neighborhood bible study. Since we began, these parents have served in their neighborhood with determination- they wanted to get tutoring program for their students off the ground, so they worked hard, sometimes in the midst of difficult circumstances in their lives, to get there.

But now we're in a place where the program must grow. If we remain only with these families who were already friends and neighbors, the vision of serving the WHOLE Westside will die off. We have to move outward. We need new faces.

I'm very excited to say that we're going to have some new faces in the group in the coming months. Our team is gaining a couple of new families who are committing to join the leadership team and help steer the church collaborative’s efforts on the Westside.

So pray for us as we begin in transition. We want to continue the work we’ve begun on the Westside, but also to listen to the Holy Spirit as he guides us deeper than we’ve ever been into the reality of shalom.