Kati's March 2016 Update

A common denominator I’ve observed in my work with various individuals is that there is consistently and dominantly a need for relationships above anything else, whether that is family, a spouse, or dedicated friendship. My role can provide some of this camaraderie, but in a couple cases it has been dear friends or family who have stepped up to provide a reunification effort for those living on the streets.

For G.C., it had been a sporadic and frustrating road as he wandered away from supportive services and nearly drank himself to death in a motel. After a week of detox at Cottage, his younger brother insisted he move in with him in Lompoc. I was shocked to know this was even an option (this is why asking these questions is key)! Jeff and I insisted that we visit to ensure this as a safe and healthy living situation. We were both impressed with his brother’s attitude and care towards G.C. He has maintained sobriety, and to our knowledge this is the best set up for him as anywhere else would be isolating and lack thorough support based on his relational needs. I maintain consistent contact via phone as the journey can continue to take any course. To establish roots and opportunity in this new context, we’ve been encouraging G.C. to revive his greatest lifelong hobby by coaching boxing at a local gym.

Examples like these have affirmed the importance of community. In my latest thought experiment, I think it would be ideal to develop a property to have one main revamped “mobile kitchen/dining room” with multiple tiny homes surrounding it. This food truck of sorts would be an outlet to learn culinary skills and live life together. Romantic, I know…

In other news, I’ve been reaching out to additional individuals still living on the streets to begin working on the housing process. If you meet anyone yourself in any circumstance, please feel free to give them my contact: kati@uffiziorder.org, or ask me for my personal cell. I’ll be sure to update you all on this process!

Thank you again for coming alongside me in this.

With much gratitude and a robust celebratory praise for the sweet assurance Easter Sunday brings,

Kati Paye

Right outside of Lompoc, where G.C. is now living with his brother. 

Right outside of Lompoc, where G.C. is now living with his brother.