Landon's February 2016 Update

The hard part of empowerment is that you don't just get to start programs.

Have I said that enough times in my newsletters? Sorry if I sound like a broken record. It's just really, really, really true.

At this point, I've worked with a team of Westside residents to start a tutoring program. Together we've set up the structures for tutor accountability and debriefing, parent communication, and student progress evaluation. And now we're looking to expand to another program, possibly working on reading in the schools... all of which is fine and good.

But if the community members don't have vision that goes beyond our current work, we may as well stop the whole thing now.

The world is broken at every level- individual, communal, societal, cultural, global... so we have to think of Shalom as a movement and not a destination. The Holy Spirit is present, but we have to give him space to spread.

So as you keep us in your prayers this month, pray for my conversations with the community members about expansion... and pray that they would be ignited by the vision and movement of the Holy Spirit.