Kati's February 2016 Update

By the dear advice of my fearless leader Jeff, I am learning to be an “aggressive and annoying” case manager. In reflection of this month, it is incredible how motion (almost only) takes place with ludicrous amounts of follow up and pushing.

Since the last update, EB has handed over his keys and is now in a detox program at a local shelter. At the end of last month, we had mustered up the money to keep him at EC, but the partnering counselor and I mutually decided that money would only mask the issue and not facilitate sustainable change. Addressing addiction and mental health comes first. Please be in prayer for this transition!

In other news, DM has situated himself very well at EC. In a recent visit, he provided me with home-brewed coffee, Neil Young music, and a tour of his finely organized apartment. He has expressed a desire to work again, specifically with a cooking outlet. After inquiring about his love of cooking, he showed me a carefully cut piece of pecan tree wood that he had been carrying around for years: “This is the best wood to smoke meat with. I’ve been waiting to use it to make some brisket!”

With all of my original vets without homes off of the streets, we are waiting a bit longer to introduce more individuals into my work until there is a better grip on those struggling with the transition.

Thank you for your continued care and support!

With much love and gratitude,

Kati Paye