Jeff's February 2016 Update


You may have seen the recent Super Bowl commercial confronting our expectations on what girls can and cannot do – and how we stigmatize them through these beliefs and comments.  If not, you can see it here at

Kyli and I recently sat down with a local organization leader who knows everything about sex trafficking in Santa Barbara County.   Uffizi is currently in discussions with RISE to partner to help find supportive housing for trafficking survivors and organize churches and other organizations to build more preventative measures in the community.

Our time with her was both inspiring and troubling.  We heard story after story about what it was “like to be a girl” who was being sex trafficked in our county.  When Kyli approached Uffizi about starting a “trafficking initiative” I knew there was a need, but after our meeting with this individual I was convicted.  I had not been taking this seriously enough – I did not know the whole story.  I have children – how would I feel if this were one of my kids?

These young boys and girls live in fear and are at risk every day in our own county. It is no longer gathering data and information, for the door for action is open.  I am more committed now than ever to both educate and engage local churches.  We need the powerful and compassionate hand of Christ to lead us in this work.

Will you please pray for us as we move forward to help local survivors and build assets in the community to help prevent sex trafficking in the first place?  We are going to be bold with our asks – we need to discover housing and create a flexible local dollars fund to meet needs for survivors as they arise.  If you would like to help in any way, would you please let me know?

Thanks for your love, support, and prayers!