Low Income Empowerment Update- December 2016

This has been a tough month on the Westside. Anxiety has been high leading up to and following the election in November, raising questions like “what will happen to our country if _____ is elected?” “who will be vilified?” “what will happen with the rising tensions?”

And while I don’t want to make a political statement here, I must acknowledge that there is a climate of fear in the neighborhood. Many of my Latino friends- citizens and undocumented immigrants alike- are wondering about the outcomes of the election. You may or may not believe this fear is warranted, but regardless of your political views, the loving thing to do is simply to acknowledge that the fear is there, and that it’s hard.

This is where the Church can stand at its finest. Entering into spaces of great anger, hurt, and fear, and saying “we see you” to those who are hurting.

So to the Westside, the Church Collaborative declares that we see you. And like the "God with us" we celebrate this season, we will not leave you.

I urge you to join our movement. Consider supporting our initiative financially as we seek peace on the Westside. Come volunteer with us. And please pray - for peace, hope, and flourishing among the least of these in Santa Barbara.