Street Outreach Update- November 2016

The past two months have been full of learning and listening to people in the community of Santa Barbara who have been consistent and effective in working with vulnerable youth. I’ve been able to understand more of the recent changes in foster care, find out how to apply for free tuition at SBCC, what housing is available for which age groups, the varying independent living skills workshops that are offered, and how the youth crisis shelter creates a safe space and opportunities to move forward. Our small recruited team of volunteers has been trialing different times and places for outreach each week to discern what is best. Having more eyes and ears out there (even if at times we fumble and miss) is huge in making sure there is shared knowledge to available resources and support.

A friend of mine has been making big swings toward life change with tuition coverage from FAFSA, leaving unsafe peoples, and dreaming of his own business. However, as any of us know, it is easy to fall into fear and neglect positivity when we are hurt by others or experience failure. Join me in praying for truth and freedom for each individual, and that those striving to help would be vehicles of encouragement.

We are also working to find a safe pregnancy home for a friend from Alameda Park to reside, as she is six months pregnant and still camping under the 101. Eligibility requirements have been getting in the way, along with recovering addiction and mental illness. It’s not our choice on whether she is able to raise the baby or what social work system she’ll have to endure, but I do ask that you would pray for healing, safety, a love of self, and direction.

Thank you for your continued support!