Low Income Empowerment Update- November 2016

One of our tenants as a church collaborative is long-term commitment to change in the community. The neighborhood may change, the people may change, but as a collaboration, we are not going anywhere. Sorry Westside, you’re stuck with the presence of the Church.

We originally committed to the Westside back in December 2013. The churches agreed to a minimum of 3 years of collaboration in the neighborhood, during which time they would seek to empower Westside residents to create neighborhood assets that would benefit their children and families.

That work has begun. You’ve tracked with us as we’ve worked with Westside residents to begin a tutoring program, summer reading program at the local library, and a reading intervention in the classrooms of Harding School. But we’re about to reach the 3-year mark, and we feel that our work is nowhere near its completion.

This is the beauty of stability. To be able to say “we love you. We are committed to you.” The churches’ ministry in the neighborhood is not an act of charity - it’s an act of relationship.

Please join with us in prayer as we begin moving forward with a 2-year renewal of the collaborative’s commitment.