Abolishing Homelessness Update- November 2016

Back in 2010, I met Becky Kanis Margiotta and learned a strategy for tackling major social problems that I still lean into today.  She was able to house over 50 chronic and vulnerable individuals in Times Square in New York by inviting everyone to the table and getting them aligned with a best practice to end homelessness.  She did this in one year – while all those before her saw this as an insurmountable task.  This is the strategy I used to house 10 chronic and vulnerable individuals in the Milpas community, and have since multiplied several other teams county wide to accomplish similar tasks.

Hannah Early and I are now working with RISE (Resiliency Interventions for Sexual Exploitation) and using a similar model of innovative collaboration to help bring more supports for the local survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.   We are thankful to God that He has woven us and the local church into this incredible opportunity to support this underserved population.  We know the work ahead will be difficult, but that His love for these young women and men is great!

We have scheduled our first Community Collaborative for Wednesday, Nov 16 at 5:30pm.  At the end of this update, I will add the Eventbrite so you can attend the meeting if you would like.

Our collaborative will initiate five “working groups”:

  • Housing placements for survivors under 18
  • Housing placements for survivors 18 and over
  • A flexible local dollars fund to meet immediate and long term needs
  • A survivors focus group to inform our work
  • A preventative training group to train trainers to help stop trafficking and exploitation before it starts

Our mantra as a Community Collaborative will be that “The Entire Community Owns the Opportunity!”  So often, people fall through gaps because no one takes final responsibility for their long-term care.  Uffizi works for the Common Good of those on the margins, and we will be inviting all our partners to do the same and sustain all our efforts so survivors can attain the holistic healing God desires.

Thanks for your support and prayers – if you wish to come to our first meeting here is the link!