A Night with Uffizi 2015

Save the Date!


TIME: 6:30PM-8:30PM


533 State Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Please RSVP below

Friends of Uffizi,

Please join us for a wonderful evening filled with live music, art, wine, food, and conversation about how to lovingly engage the marginalized in our community.

As you know, Uffizi Order thrives on collaborating with others in our community, and with some of our partners we would like to invite you to this truly memorable evening.

Throughout the night there will be opportunities to connect with all Uffizi staff and board members about the far reach that Uffizi has with social justice in our city.

We cherish your continued care and support as we further our work in Santa Barbara, and we want to invite you to come celebrate and support Uffizi at this event!

We look forward to enjoying your company soon.

Uffizi Order

As this is a free event, if you would like to help cover the cost of this event and support the larger mission of Uffizi, you can donate here.