Jeff's December Update 2015

I would like you to meet Haley Parzonko!  She will be interning with me this Spring as a part of a collaboration between the Westmont Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Uffizi Order.  I have already been working alongside her as she is helping lead the Bread of Life meal sharing with Friends without Homes.

I asked her to put in writing why she wanted to work with Uffizi and this is what she shared:

β€œOne of the main reasons I would love to come and intern at Uffizi is the social action I have already seen through being a co-leader of Bread of Life. Uffizi is truly teaching Westmont students and giving us practical tools to take into our future lives about the issue of homelessness. I love how Uffizi is not just talking about issues going on in the community but looking to make a meaningful impact to help start solving these issues. Seeing the work it took to get one of our friends Ethan finally off of the streets was such a hope and light to me with the kind of work I am looking to be a part of.  I am ready to take the knowledge I have been absorbing in my classes and put it into action. A lot of my classes talk about social issues that I would love to try and solve and be a part of.” 

I am very impressed with Haley already and am very excited to disciple her in mission in 2016.  Kyli Larson who heads up our Trafficking Prevention Initiative is going to work with Haley as well, as Haley has a desire upon graduation to work in the legal system.  Please pray for Haley during this time – for God to make the right connections for her to further His plan for her life. 

Our relationship with Westmont is growing again and I love their passion to engage those on the margins.  I will continue to work with the 25-30 students who come to Bread of Life, as well as other training opportunities with these young leaders that are coming up in 2016.

Regarding Bread of Life – the Thursday night Collaboration is growing.  Currently we have three churches providing meals, along with Doctors without Walls and Common Ground Santa Barbara County providing needed services.  When someone experiencing homelessness comes to the park, he or she can receive what is needed, whether that is spiritual consolation, prayer, a hot meal, medical care, connection to services, or housing opportunities.  In January I will be unveiling a plan of how our coordinated efforts can help ten off the streets!  Please pray for that as well.

Thanks again for all your support in 2015 and I look forward to what our work together accomplishes in the New Year!