Landon's November Update 2015

...and we’re off! Tutoring has begun, and Westside students are receiving one-on-one homework help from volunteers from the various churches in the collaborative. Thanks to all the participating churches, recruiters, and volunteers who are making it happen!

 I have just a quick anecdote for you all: we’ve got a student named Chris* who’s particularly energetic. To put it nicely, focus is just not his bag. His tutor approached me and said ‘he says he has no homework, he doesn’t sit and stay focused, and he has no desire to be tutored.’ Needless to say, the tutor was concerned that trying to tutor Chris wasn’t very realistic.

We chatted and troubleshot for a few moments- maybe try taking frequent soccer breaks, try reaching out to his teacher to ask about the homework, try talking to his mom about the focus. The tutor agreed to try out a few different things, and went on her way.

In reflecting on our conversation, I realized we were building a whole web of assets for Chris. To borrow from the 40 Developmental Assets, we were helping to bolster #1: his family support, #11: his family boundaries, #3: support from other non-parent adults, and on and on.

I’m a firm believer that ‘a cord of three strands is not easily broken.’ The strongest, most reliable way to support a child is through a team effort. And this is exactly what we’re trying to do: build the village that it takes to raise each child on the Westside.

Want to be a part of our village? Here's a way to get involved:

  • Be a tutor! There are still 3 students who need a tutor. Contact me at if you’re interested.

Landon Ranck