Kati's November Update 2015

“What does justice mean to you, Sarge?”

“Making right what has been wronged.”

This question followed a long-winded angry vent from my friend Sarge. He has been in the housing game for many years, but because of missing (seemingly impossible to attain) documents, he remains living without a home.

I am a self-declared justice Queen at times, but how do we measure injustice? We’ve all been wronged and we’ve all done wrong. Is there a way to evenly distribute the cards of justice?

In the past couple months working as a case manager for veterans experiencing homelessness, we (it takes a village!) have housed D.R. and E.B. into sustainable housing here in Santa Barbara. Thank you, Lord! What a sweet assurance and beautiful space for these men, one of which has has been without a home for over 20 years. On the other end, we have lost one individual completely. M.D. died about two months ago, and while I only got to work with him for a short time, this is a life deeply grieved.

Things have worked out very differently for each veteran. There are also days where we all trudge away in disappointment from an absent lawyer’s office. When there’s nothing else to do, do the following: “Alright guys. It’s hot. We’re all annoyed. Let’s go back to the shelter” coupled with AC and Rock & Roll on blast, it’s amazing how quickly a down day can turn around.

That being said, the nature of this work has taught me to expect anything. I remain firm in my belief of radical grace, forgiveness, new mercies, and lives that are always being redeemed. I often assume what justice best looks like, but my trust in the Lord’s vision surpasses my own. However, this is not to say that the above is all “just,” for we are still free agents.

Friends and family, thank you for your continued care and support as I immerse myself in a complicated job. Please continue to pray for: 

  • Sarge’s documents to come through and for EC or VH to accept him into housing.
  • EB to have good medical care for his diabetes and the repercussions. He is now housed at El Carrillo!
  • DM to reach stable sobriety so that his EC housing (SUPER close as well) is sustainable.
  • GC to find his own unit and identify ways to stay sober.
  • Praise for DR getting housed! Now for continued supportive services and community- housing after homelessness can be difficult.
  • The family of MD as they mourn the loss of his life. For him to be celebrated and loved deeply.

Thank you for supporting Uffizi and the work that we do!

Peace to you,

Kati Paye