We've Found a Home!

Ending Veteran Homelessness

Below is an article celebrating the first individual Kati helped house this past October. Since then, another veteran (E.B.) has been housed here in Santa Barbara. The housing system is difficult, but so is the transition after entering into a home. By joining us this #GivingTuesday on December 1st, you can help fund Kati with five more hours of work so that she can 1) continue navigating the housing system alongside these individuals so that permanent housing is attained and 2) continue providing supportive services (such as finding legal aid, encouraging work/hobbies, or counseling services) to the veterans thereafter. 

It is a joy to share with the Uffizi community that we (it takes a village!) have housed D.R., a veteran who has been experiencing homelessness for over 20 years. D.R. was one of the initial five that I began to case manage back in May as part of the Mayor's Challenge. Since then, partnered agencies have navigated the storm of housing with patience and perseverance until we found a unit that accepts and meets his needs. D.R. took full agency in this transformation and fought hard to reach sustainable housing. Complete with a new bed, this space is now becoming his own as he is responsible for rent, decorating, and purchasing additional appliances. As I ended a phone call with him yesterday, he announced “I got cable for my new TV! Today I did some laundry. Also, the plant looks beautiful and is coming along just fine in the window. It really brightens up the room.”

D.R. with the keys to his new home!

D.R. with the keys to his new home!

D.R. has been on the streets or in a shelter for so long, that a transition into housing can be difficult. While we are grateful and celebrate this new home for him, we are also attuned to other supportive services he may need and will continue to be a faithful presence in his life.

Thank you for joining us in this good news! We are grateful to the friends of Uffizi who have encouraged and supported our work so well. If you would like to join the village and continue supporting the work of housing veterans financially, please donate here. We are delighted to partner with you. 

Let’s find some more homes!


Kati Paye

Street Outreach Coordinator for Veterans